18:12 PM Nach 2 Jahren schaffe ich es endlich an meinem Projekt weiterzuarbeiten. Et voilá, das Cover.

Kommentare :

  1. I basically didn't do the one internship you're thinking about because they told me they didn't need anyone. About one and a half/two months later I sent them my CV again and they called me in for an interview. It went quite well and I was very prepared, so I got the placement and that's what I've been doing. As for the paying job, I'm a Business Support Manager for an internet startup. I enjoy both 'jobs' and hopefully I'll be able to stay longer at the magazine, even if they don't pay me at all. It's great experience and the people are so nice.

    I think it's not the wrong kind of people since they don't encourage you to do stupid stuff like drugs, crime, etc. Maybe you just need to instigate some extrovert activities. I've been so homey too, working and writing and barely going out. But I'm changing that :P

    xo Joana
    Grow In Fashion

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